low-lying mist

i was driving tonight and a light rain was falling, and rapidly evaporating off the warmish road, creating a weird sort of bayou-on-marin-avenue mood in my head. not creepy halloween type shit, more like maybe the silent, gentle humidity in a southern novel that precedes a stormy affair or religious epiphany/fall from grace in the otherwise suffocatingly boring cast of characters.
i walked up the stairs to my apartment, wishing that i was moored in ayala cove tonight, where i know this sudden warm front has settled in for a long peaceful night. maybe next weekend. i sat down at the computer and tracked some vocals on a song. neither a stormy affair, an epiphany, nor a fall from grace visited me tonight. just a dreamlike premonitory feeling i debased, shackling it to a song.






4 responses to “low-lying mist”

  1. eric Avatar

    oh fuck. i accidentally deleted martin’s post.

  2. eric Avatar

    oh fuck. i accidentally deleted martin’s post.

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