minna’s new espresso machine

the new espresso machine has arrived at minna, fully ready to jack up the neighborhood on sweet, pure, hot, legal caffeine. i hooked myself two doubles tonight at the art opening, and came home and started cleaning my apartment.
here i am working my way to the bottom of the second blast, in the custom mug that eiming got for me. quite frankly this is probably not the direction i want to be headed, every synapse bristling with stimulant at 2 a.m. i should be fully blissed out on valerian root, listening to some soothing music, and trying to get myself back to PDT. oh well, not tonight.






7 responses to “minna’s new espresso machine”

  1. bret Avatar

    what happened to the mast foot?

  2. jax Avatar

    i promptly had a double espresso the minute i stepped into minna on wednesday. i was jacked up through to about 4 in the morning. y.u.m.m.y. all hail the espresso machine.

  3. Mr Ken Avatar
    Mr Ken

    that ring is totally rocking

  4. b Avatar

    The ring is alright, but I really dig the mug.

  5. gimaha Avatar

    Ya! What happened to the mast foot?
    What kind of machine did you get? Does my old Pavoni still work?
    Leave it to Eiming to find a cup that matches that old sea salt of a ring!

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