well the boate dropped her mast today. steen and i rigged up a pulley with parts from the main sheet assembly and lowered her down. steen was worried that the rope we had lashed around the base of the mast would not hold, and i foolishly and stubbornly disagreed. steen was proven right when the lashing broke and the mast came down pretty hard for the last 6 feet or so to the deck, causing a small dent in the stern railing. all of the standing rigging looks to be in good shape, the halyard rollers need some work, and the foot is pretty much a basket case that is corrosion-welded to the mast. it does not look like we’ll be making it to fleet week next weekend.






5 responses to “demasted”

  1. bret Avatar


  2.  Avatar

    I heard Capt Steen was in a shitty mood all day!!

  3. jee Avatar

    i forgot to mention that you may want to try valerian root – the fresh and stinky kind – to address your insomnia.

  4. eric Avatar

    hmmmmm. i need to find some of that valerian root. here it is almost 5 in the morn…….

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