fuck these liars, i’m pissed.

i was watching the mclaughlin group on pbs just now, trying to get sleepy, and the republican talking heads were spinning the debate so hard that they (pat buchanan, perennial asshole) resorted to absolutely mischaracterizing what kerry had said. mclaughlin had to repeat kerry’s actual statements a NUMBER of times to the pundits in order to demonstrate that they were completely fabricating their interpretations, and even still they would not concede what it was that they were doing, which is LYING. here i am at 4 in the morning, pissed off. this whole business of “staying on message” that this administration and its journalistic cronies are so adept at is really just LYING and OBFUSCATING the truth.
i agree with my old friend citizen x that john kerry is probably just the flipside of a skull-and-bones yalie bulldog janus coin. whatever. the power structure of this country, and pretty much the economic power of the world, are and have been controlled by the same small caste of people for the last few forevers, and there are fundamental things that will never be done differently unless something catastrophic occurs. part of me is an idealist and i hold out hope that change can be effected through emergent democracy, peaceful protests, etc. ok i’m getting OFF MESSAGE.
it was good to see bush fumble his way through the 90 minutes of the debate. most of the time i just feel sorry for the man, because i view him as more a patsy than anything else. but during the debate, i felt a surge of REVENGE. as if, finally this group of neocons, in the person of W, had to go before the public and explain itself, and FAILED MISERABLY in its attempt to LIE ITS WAY OUT.
i am now LOOKING FORWARD WITH ANTICIPATION to seeing the smuggest fucking liar of the lot of them, dick cheney, taking on john edwards. because i am tired of being lied to….i am sick of dishonesty, and i want this culture of permissiveness towards DENIAL to get handed its walking papers.






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  1. rodolfo gutierrez Avatar
    rodolfo gutierrez

    well said. i sorta feel the same way about lee harvey bush. it is frustrating, they could at least be better liars. man, it’s insulting to the nation(it insults itself too)

  2. gimaha Avatar

    So………what are you doing about it? Are you helping to get out the vote? Are you working for Kerry-Edwards? Put your actions where your anger is…………….and, meanwhile, try getting some sleep.

  3. gimaha Avatar

    Check this out. There is some good reading here.

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