can’t sleep

chatting with al hernandez at 3:20 a.m. he says fable is kinda cool. i told him galleon is kinda cool. but then again, neither of us is playing. well, i quit playing so that i would go to sleep. we just tried to set up iphoto for sharing, but no such luck unless yer on a local network. if i were really stupid bored i would try to set up a VPN.

i think i am going to buy a powerbook and plug my firewire 410 audio box into it and track an album on the boate. (maybe an ibook…after all, i don’t need much horsepower for tracking. shit i tracked and mixed a whole record on an overclocked 300MHz G3 desktop with a 6 gig harddrive….i can tough it through any anemic digi recording setup). fuck it…if it is impractical right now to just take off and sail around the world for the next couple years, at least i can dream and write about it. and then, if experience is any indicator, it will happen. (i can still remember bret and i tearing into that g3’s metal chassis with a sawzall in order to mount a turbo fan on top of the overclocked processor. that was a scary scary fucking mod).

here’s my new ichat avatar. a couple peeps asked what it was today. (i look much smaller on the chatter).






4 responses to “can’t sleep”

  1. t Avatar

    i like your ring

  2. jee Avatar

    that is *quite* the ring, and i am may covet it a bit :P

  3. rodolfo gutierrez Avatar
    rodolfo gutierrez

    wow! the most sacred, secret ‘order of the popeye’ . i thought it was a hooker ghost story.

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