back to the routine

it took me many hours of dealing today to clear out my inbox. i am still pretty jet-lagged, so i drank too much coffee to compensate. i was pretty sad to see that all the summer stone fruit is gone from monterey market. it’s all apples, pears, and gourd squash now, so i bought a big fat kabocha and brought it home and roasted it.
galleon is pretty fun. the graphics aren’t purely tasteful, but i’m not so much of a vidcard chauvanist to not appreciate a good game, and this one is ok. sorta like a prince of persia deal, with lots of climbing, puzzles, and swashbuckling.
this weekend i have to repair the boate. something was up with the electrical right before i left, and the mast needs to come down so the tabernacle can be fixed.






3 responses to “back to the routine”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    Better fix that tabernacle and while you’re at it scrape some barnacles and eat some treacle.

  2. Jonas M Luster Avatar

    Welcome back, dude.

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