body’s at home, heart’s in the wind

it’s a great line from tom waits.

i’m back in berkeley. not really sure that i wanted to come back, and uncertain of whether i want to stay. here are some pictures from the last week in new zealand. i suppose i am sort of happy to be “home”. but i had a really great trip, and sort of didn’t want it to end.
however….i just picked up my advance order copy of “galleon” from gamestop el cerrito. ok now i’m purely psyched to be back.






3 responses to “body’s at home, heart’s in the wind”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    I didn’t want it to end either. It was so neat to read your blog and discover this whole other world. Thanks again for the great vacation, and welcome home! The moon’s up, the earth is shaking, and Mt. St. Helen is getting ready to blow. Stock up the pantry and get some rest. Kerry debates W tomorrow.

  2. bret Avatar


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