have i got things to show you

…..but i don’t have the computer here with all my photos on it. i’m in auckland again after a week in the marlborough sounds. it was, to say the least, incredibly beautiful. actually we went all over the place, from snow to surf, jungle to desert, and i have the snappies to prove it. single engine planes and speedboats were involved. although we fished, no fish were harmed. more to come….
sitting here talking to a few peeps on the phone, and it looks like the weather is not changing much….so i think i’m off to the maritime museum down by the docks. i just picked up a new ring. i got her to make the fouled anchor one on a dark navy blue background. it’s pretty fuckin pimp in a highly nautical fashion.






3 responses to “have i got things to show you”

  1. kin Avatar

    not fair to tease! post thems snappies!

  2. t Avatar

    can’t wait to hear about everything

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