back in auckland

hanging out in the same internet cafe that i hung out in last week when i was here. the whole skype internet telephony deal is so purely tasteful i almost can’t believe that not everyone here (or for that matter, anywhere) is using it yet. i also cannot believe how dependent i have become on my cel phone for memorizing numbers.
this country is so beautiful it makes my heart hurt. and over half the population owns some type of boat. there is a large part of me that wants to move here straight away, purchase a little shack of some sort on the beach, moor a sailboat off the coast near there, and live off the sea. when i was exploring the rocks in the isolated cove near whangapoa last week, i found only one artifact of human civilization: a nearly intact pair of binoculars lodged into the rocks. i got them back to the beachhouse and attempted to repair them, and came to the conclusion they were not salvagable. however, i almost can’t help but (somewhat romanticaly) construe them as some kind of augur….some message that these islands will play a part in my future. (yeah, whatever, i said it was romantic. even a cynical bastard like myself is allowed to be whimsical on vacation!)






10 responses to “back in auckland”

  1. bojsey Avatar

    yeah but you gotta understand the meaning of ‘romantic’ first!!

  2. eric Avatar

    ok mr. romantic-boombastic.

  3. jee Avatar

    isn’t ‘straight away’ an kiwi/aussie term? you must be acclimating quickly. 🙂

  4. Dryden Avatar

    My auguring mind assures the same success.

  5. bret Avatar

    postcard came. cool.

  6. kin & phil Avatar
    kin & phil

    skype us doodly– we’re missing the updates.

  7. jee Avatar

    my postcard came, too! GORGEOUS.

  8. gimaha Avatar

    Where are you? My armchair vacation has allowed my imagination to return to the land of scallywags…..and there you are attempting to make connections with your busted set of binoculars. You’d better update soon.

  9. bert Avatar

    They must be having a great time. Eric hasn’t been afk for seven days since 14.4 modems.

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