don’t go chasing waterfalls

corny title, tasty picture. got in from the great north country a while ago with many photos memories and writings, all most of which will have to wait for sleep and a faster connection, probably tomorrow. (i kept editing this well past the time when i was going to go to sleep).

this accompanied my coffee one recent morn, from the deck where we stayed with keshama’s mom lana and sechal, and the lads.

they live in converted trolley cars and caravans that reminded me very strongly of the railway car that my dad created for maude in the movie harold and maude. their lifestyle up in the hills of fern flats road is entirely envious.

we drove through many a sleepy fishing village filled with fishermen, hippies and artists. this was WITHOUT A SHRED OF DOUBT the best fish and chips i have had in my life. i had a jar mussels and onions in vinegar on the side, and dipped the fish into the vinegar.

this is a nice size plot of land for sale. i am not disclosing its location at this present time. its coordinates are stored in my gps unit though.






10 responses to “don’t go chasing waterfalls”

  1. bret Avatar


  2. eiming Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. Mom Avatar

    Beautiful! Welcome back from the Land of Scallywags!

  4. phil Avatar


  5. kin Avatar

    uh oh…i have a terrible feeling that eric’s moving to the land-just-outside-of-the-land-of-scallywags…

  6. Hooker J Avatar
    Hooker J

    Hah, I’ve got that vary location circled in bright red on my own old map of Northland, but I never called fives…she’s a beaute

  7. Hooker J Avatar
    Hooker J

    Warning…you’ll find no flesh up in Fern Flat, the kind for consumption that is…got to be imported. I learned to eat me veggies, kinda confused me.

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  9. sarah Avatar

    hello… im sarah a 16 year old from fern flat, i just happen to put the name keshama in one of my web serches- (knowing she was a model) and it showed me a paragraph with the names lana sekel and keshama… just thouhgt i’d let ya know i live down the road from them and it is the most wounderful spot in the world..and their house it is just amazing.. they have done alot to it now!

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