birds, blooms, bithiah..and bourbon kentucky sippin whiskey

we just returned from auckland to whitford with bithiah. i forgot to take my camera with, but we went down to the main marina area of town, saw some of the america’s cup boats and walked around the center of cool for the country. (no pix, because although steen did have his camera, there wasn’t anything down there that he hadn’t already seen). in lieu of photos of downtown, here’s bithiah unloading a bottle of jack from her luggage, and a bird i saw sitting outside the window this morning as i had my coffee.






5 responses to “birds, blooms, bithiah..and bourbon kentucky sippin whiskey”

  1.  Avatar

    love the updates!

  2. gimaha Avatar

    What kind of tree is that?

  3. eric Avatar

    it’s a magnolia, mom.

  4. gimaha Avatar

    Pink magnolia! How beautiful! Bring back some seeds.

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