song update/lamely analyzing things in public

after listening to last night’s tune a few more times it’s several people’s stories in one, but it’s confused and i didn’t seem to find the thread in all of them yet. i was talking with alberto on IM, talking about songwriting and completion, and how i pretty much just have a ton of incomplete sketches sitting around until i pressure myself to put together a cd, at which point i go through and edit all the little pieces. i am a pretty good editor, but it’s kind of hard to get motivated to do some of the more frustrating work. am i starting to sound like some kind of artiste? perhaps i should rethink my new willingness to share stuff prior to finishing it.

maybe it’s the word “love”. for years i kept it out of my songs consciously, as a word that in songs is akin to “baby”. (in my mind). meaningless and clich?©d. just listened to the song again and it didn’t bug me, because i wasn’t really listening. noone listens to lyrics anyhow. i sure don’t.






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  1. b Avatar

    “meaningless and clich?©d?” I beg to differ: Ain’t Talking ’bout Love (Halen), Sandwich of Love (Mentors), Whole Lotta Love (Zeppelin), various Social Distorition (King of Fools, Making Believe, When the Angels Sing, etc.)

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