new gaming night

when i get back from new zealand, we are going to start a new gaming night at minna. art is coming off the walls to make large white projection areas. 2 vid projectors, one in each room. several thousand watts of audio power in each room. get psyched. (by the time i get back they’ll prolly be doing it at an?? or club six or mezzanine). we’ve been talking about it a long time, even did some testing, and the boing boing post below reminded me of it. now is time for action. wow, i woke up in a good mood! not only am i looking forward to a month of vacation, i am looking forward to getting back. the new french press that my mom bought me is working better than my drip machine apparently.

Movie theater repurposed as Xbox arcade
Cory Doctorow: A cinema operator in a small town in Utah has started running Friday night gaming tournaments in which Xboxes are connected to the big screens and sound-systems.






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