slightly grumpy day

i woke up this morning with a cold. you know what purely sucks? waking up with a cold. as jackie IMed me earlier, “ohhh, is eric crankypants today?” well yes, a little. i took a long afternoon nap. got a lot of healthy vegetables, fruits and juices from the market, and spent most of the rest of my day playing the guitar and singing. i know, singing doesn’t seem like something to do when you are sick, but i like the sound of my voice when it’s kind of fucked up. also, it is one of the few things i do that almost always transports me out of my immediate concerns when i am feeling sick or depressed.






One response to “slightly grumpy day”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    can’t wait until Jackie is grumpy and i can call her “crankypants”

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