sailing on bret’s birthday

today is my brother bret’s birthday, and in unrelated news, it was beautiful out on the bay once the morning overcast dreariness had burned off. rosie has never been out on the boate, and today was a near perfect day for a first cruise. chelsea and leah, some friends of friends, were along as well, as we headed over to angel island, tied up there to have a snack, and then floated along down raccoon strait with the seals feeding at sunset.






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    We missed you at the party……..It was a perfect evening……..good food, good company, and an older and wiser Bret. The night was full of stars and there seemed to be a nice promise for the year ahead. Remember to find a place to view the meteor shower. It’s going on now! Things seem to be falling into place now that our esteemed physicist has figured out that matter does indeed come out of those black holes just like the ancients said it would in the sign of infinity. …… I’m heading up to Pebble Beach then on to Half Moon Bay, so I’ll see you soon. Get ready!

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