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irwin (ne?© craig) levitz came over this afternoon. the plan was to go sailing, but he was busy rearranging his travel plans to new york in order to go hang out at lake tahoe with some friends who just tonight finished putting the final touches on an extreme snow boarding movie. irwin worked on the score, and is headed there to celebrate the completion.
making travel plans requires communications and connectivity, so we kicked it in the slip and leeched some bandwidth from the marina wifi coop. we had a relaxing couple of hours down there, and when the fog rolled in we went below and hung out in the cabin, and irwin showed me all the software that he is using to put together his performances. he gave me a pretty extensive tour of ableton live, which has definitely become a more mature title since i played around with it a year or so ago. it has become a full-featured multitrack recorder/sequencer.

irwin and eric






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  1. Jondi Avatar

    Ableton Live rocks. Haven’t checked out v4 yet but can’t wait.

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