boardroom terrorists

i am not sure how the latest upgrade in our national alert level has been affecting me although it did not stop me from seeing that the SEC and halliburton settled their differences on one matter of corporate governance.
the terrorists might not need to do much to the financial institutions in this country, they could very well collapse under their own weight of accounting misconduct. corporate governance reform has been a fucking retarded joke so far. the example just given of cheney is but one small example of the wrong people being punished for financial misconduct that greatly benefited those who got off with slaps on the wrist — if that. and the corruption continues. anyone who believes that america’s corporate culture has improved much should scrutinize the books of the second largest financial institution in the united states, fannie mae. come to think of it, i think the office of homeland security should get some of our finest into the boardroom over there, (because alan greenspan isn’t tough enough) and protect our economy from some of the bastards who are really undermining it, rather than standing around with machine guns in the lobby of citicorp. hmmm. well we’ve probably forgotten the savings and loan bailout by now.
(sorry about the semi-angry post by an untrained economist making an uncarefully thought-through criticism of things he only marginally understands. but i’d bet there is some truth in here somewhere).






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