whipping winds, wet winches

we had a terrific day out on the bay today, although we almost got stuck inside my apartment playing one on one red dead revolver matches. (steen just got the PS2 port of it last week…better graphics on the xbox though). it did get pretty windy out there late in the afternoon, conditions not unlike the ones during the “hemingway sunday” voyage with phil and kin. with steen at the helm, and a position just north of raccoon strait near paradise cove, we got hit with a series of 30 knot gusts that twice caught steen broad on the port side, and although we had the main reefed in, the boate got keeled over such that the starboard winch went under water, and a fair amount of seawater swamped into the cockpit. this happened twice, and interestingly, neither steen nor myself felt an adrenaline rush (although we were quite a bit more attentive to the wind the rest of the afternoon).






2 responses to “whipping winds, wet winches”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    No adrenaline rush? I guess you guys need bigger waves. Or maybe some sharks.

  2. phil Avatar

    Get some high wind harnesses for the boate… and get back in the saddle.

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