self censoring

i posted then removed a post tonight. i don’t do that hardly ever, but i was irritated with some things today, vented about them, then thought better about sharing them at this juncture.
i will post my comments maybe at some later date, as the story unfolds. i hate to be cryptic like this, but i suppose it is for the best.






3 responses to “self censoring”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    Eric the unblogger! 😉

  2. b Avatar

    e, just come out already. keep bottling it up in denial and you’re going to wake up one-day as a bathouse regular.

  3. gimaha Avatar

    As any therapist can tell you, people who make jest in this manner are themselves conflicted and/or socially arrested. I would add to that rude, hostile and totally contemptible.

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