looking better

i did a quick redesign because i was sick of looking at that green. this is a little more like it. i was thinking of several things that i wanted to write about on the train home from minna tonight, then got distracted by the cosmetics and now my head is empty. strictly stylesheet over substance here tonight.






7 responses to “looking better”

  1. Cap'n Steen Avatar
    Cap’n Steen

    yer photos really large…and if you want to use that photo you gonna give me credit?

  2. ansel Avatar

    i toook that photo.

  3. eric Avatar

    yeah, i may crop it some more.

  4. eric Avatar

    ok i cropped it

  5. b Avatar

    the new header photo puts me in a very romantic mood. you look like a aggresively relaxed mariner – maybe sort of a cross between Harrison Ford and El Duce.

  6. Ghost of Chav Avatar
    Ghost of Chav

    aggresively romantic mood.

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