going through the library

going through my itunes library after rebuilding the system(s) on this machine. there is always that feeling, as you drag stuff into a pristinely clean partition of your hard-drive, that it is time to organize the files. i know this is some seriously ocd behavior, but i am doing it nonetheless.

i hate it when a recording gets a mood and music and lyrics hitting all together at once, and then goes on to lose it. i just listened to pearl jam’s “better man”, a song i have not listened to in many years. from 0:43 to 1:30 (1:33 if you are not put off by eddie vedder’s moan-emoting, as i am) the recording is pure brilliance. then whoever produced the track (i can’t remember) decided that it was time to turn up the volume and go to stadium-rocker with a song that was perfect for the approx. 50 seconds that they allowed it to breathe naturally.

i am sure i am going to be updating this post if i spend any more time with itunes.

UPDATE: how the fuck did i end up with sinead o’connor singing nirvana’s “all apologies”???






4 responses to “going through the library”

  1. phil Avatar

    you bought it and threw away the cd.

  2. eric Avatar

    boy you’re right about that. if i still had the cd, i would throw it away again. i might break it first.

  3. breast Avatar

    there is a group of l337 h@XoRz that leaves that mp3 on your box as a sign that you have been owned. You best reinstall everything and get a new firewall dude.

  4. b Avatar

    For a minute i thought my Powerbook was rooted by someone when I accidentally clicked on the Lettermen’s cover of the Phil Collins track “Against All Odds” in ITMS. Then when I heard Phil coming up the stairs, I thought I was going to get my ass kicked. I think I reigned him in by playing the Ramones cover of Substitute.

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