brain cloud

for the second day in a row, i woke up really early, with a splitting headache. i took some aspirin this morning and stretched out and stayed really still on the couch, and it went away.
i do not want adult-onset migraines. steen asked if i’ve been drinking in my sleep. hmmmm. sorta feels like it.






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  1. gmh Avatar

    There is a terrible flu going around. It starts with an extraordinarily bad head ache, then back aches and general tiredness. Then you get a cold that seems to never go away. I have it right now, and have had it since the first week of vacation. Take care to get lots of rest. You might want to check in with an M.D. I’m finally giving up the “I can fight this” attitude and going in on Monday. Drink lots of liquids and take it easy. This is a mean one.

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