the top of la isla de los angeles

steen arrived at my apartment today at around 11:30 a.m. we were planning on immediately heading to the marina and onto the boate and out the golden gate. instead, we ended up playing ToCA racing until 3 p.m., then going to the marina, getting on the boate, and sailing to angel island, then hiking to the top of it to enjoy the 360º panoramic view of the s.f. bay. this must have been a pretty cool place to live back in the day.
we pushed off angel island at sunset, the wind was very light and warm, and there were twenty or thirty seals feeding where the tides were meeting in raccoon strait, along with innumerable sea birds.






2 responses to “the top of la isla de los angeles”

  1. phil Avatar

    nice stitching of the 360? panoramic view ( how big is the full size file). Any standing waves where the tides met?

  2. mom Avatar

    So beautiful! How can you spend time playing games with all that excitement around you?

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