cooperation versus competition

i just finished reading a really good article, Job Anxiety – It’s Real and It’s Global, by Sandra Polaski of the Carnegie Endowment (it’s a PDF), which was linked to off of the Christian Science Monitor Blog | Liblog (a pretty good feed for more in-depth insight into various current topics).
the article is interesting because it gives a really clear view of some macroeconomic and global challenges that we are facing right now. (an interesting statistic is that we could export ALL the jobs in the U.S. to China, and they would still have unemployment).
her basic premise is that in order to bolster employment and preserve wages in this country, we have to start being more cooperative in the international economy, especially on bad behaviors like agriculture subsidies. (counter-productive by any measure, unless you are an archer, daniels, or midland. or maybe one of the conagra american corn-syrup royalty). and yet, it continues to be a sticking point.

this country has a long way to go. here we are championing all these values, morals and ethics, and free market global capitalism, and at the same time behaving like a bratty, fat bully walking around the schoolyard stealing lunch money and beating up the other kids.

well, i encourage you to read the article. and i promise my next post will be of a more trivial nature. (i was chatting in joi ito‘s irc room just now, and this guy, whose blog i read, mentioned that in china, they call cell phones “hand machines”. how’s that for a trivial non-sequiter. all day tomorrow, i am going to be calling cell phones that).






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  1. ru Avatar

    i think some imperfect balance is possible. so does beetle bailey(7/18/04)

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