blown away

grrrrr. stuck in the slip owing to inclement weather. sitting in the boate in the slip drinking beer and eating some food and joking around was still pretty fun, but it wasn’t the same as sailing. tara and jee and tara’s boyfriend’s brother (i suck at names) took off and steen and i sat around in the cabin reading the newspaper and listening to the wind bang the halyard against the mast until seven. i feel pretty letdown now. it is a lesson in the imprudence of having expectations, i know….but i REALLY wanted to get out there today. all of a sudden it feels like winter, and it’s making me a little moody.
cure for moodiness? maybe some gaming, and a coffee.






4 responses to “blown away”

  1. jee Avatar

    his name is hugh 🙂

    days stuck at the slip make the other ones on the water better. just think of how great it will be the next time you’ll actually get to go out!

  2. captain jollycock Avatar
    captain jollycock

    Just snap out of it! I think you have been a little moody of late regardless!

  3. eric Avatar

    yeah, maybe you are right, captain jollycock, er…um steen. and yes jee, i am definitely looking forward to the next time out on the water. heh, i almost felt like a bad host today when we couldn’t go out.

  4. jee Avatar

    you were NOT a bad host at all! i had a lot of fun at the slip 🙂

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