fahrenheit 9/11

saw it last night with phil in downtown berkeley. local fixture slappy (bartender at club mallard) was at the front of the line. we were 5 people back. not going to add to the noise of everyone expressing an opinion about the movie except to say that i hope it has an effect on the election. because if bush is reelected there is a 90% chance that i will be adding “expatriated” to the string of adjectives i use to describe myself.
i am pretty excited by 2 things from the mac worldwide developers conference today at moscone:

from the wwdc today

Tiger iChat will support the ability for up to 10 people to chat together in audio simultaneously. Up to three video users can chat, as well.

The Tiger version of Safari, Apple’s own home-grown Web browser, will sport integrated RSS aggregation including a new RSS-based search feed, according to Jobs.






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