i wailed the wiki

i keep running out of disk space here. i need to figure out what is going on with linking to files on my 750 megs of yahoo storage space, but in the meantime i was tinkering around with some new tools today on the minna site, and decided to install them here as well. in order to do this, i had to free up some space. and guess what fell into my sights when i cd’ed into the main webtree? that’s right, the wiki. i installed tiki wiki about a year and a half ago, when martin and phil sort of wanted to check out the deal and so i humored them and sorted it out here. i think we spent all of about 2 weeks typing into the thing, with each revision becoming more and more profane, and then nobody touched it.
so, in the early hours of this morning, the wiki died a silent death by rm -R. the php bulletin board that is still on this site is feeling very nervous right about now, i should imagine.






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