that game is not available yet.

i wonder what’s up with that link that says galleon is out now. well maybe it is out now, but it’s not going to be in el cerrito until sept. 28. i was walking around the store with the pirates of the caribbean game, which i was going to get in lieu of galleon. actually, at first i was psyched, because some dude with a lot of facial piercings said “oh yeah dude, i heard that game rocks, supposedly”. then, moments later, his friend approached, saw the game in my hand, and said “oh that game. what a fucking disappointment”. well that was a complete shutdown for me.
besides, i had gone to the store to pick up a specific game. it is somewhat strange that i have never been a racing gamer, and yet i now (as of today) have 2 car games, and i play them more than most any of my other games. this is owing to the fact that my brother bret and his housemate paul are big into racing games. i picked up this ToCA racing in order to play with them. they were having some party at their pad in venice, down in l.a., and a bunch of our old friends were there. i vid chatted with peeps, kicked their asses at games, and it pretty much was just like i was there. (except i didn’t have to help clean up the mountain of beer bottles that it sounded like they were building). it was a day that generally reaffirmed some thoughts that i have been having lately (and which i discussed with jee on friday) about being able to maintain my social ties here, were i to suddenly move abroad.
i have more to say about racing games, and the new one, but those thoughts will have to wait for the morning, er later this morning, as it is 4 now and i should probably get in bed.






9 responses to “that game is not available yet.”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    What is this business about your moving abroad?

  2. eric Avatar

    heh. suddenly.

  3. gimaha Avatar

    Is this going to be a permanent move? Why suddenly? Where are you going? Are you coming back? I’m a bit set off by the fact that I have to learn about this on a blog. You’d better have your green light on on i-chat!

  4. gimaha Avatar

    Give me a break! Trader Joes at 12:19 AM?

  5. rita Avatar

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  6. Jondi Avatar

    Hey do you think that Rita girl above is one of those underground marketers? Are you leaving the comment up because she complimented your singing? 😉

  7. eric Avatar

    not sure if she’s an underground marketer, but the comment/compliment stays!

  8. kathunter Avatar

    Project Gotham Racing 2 – Xbox LIVE.
    Hate racing games, but this one I have to admit it pretty fun. Of course NFSU 2 is right around the corner.

  9. kathunter Avatar

    oh yeah – and Atari’s “Pirates” is not that bad really. It displays so much of the Sid Meyers brilliance in game design we love, has almost infinite replay value. The concept of being a career pirate (and how you change with age) is interesting. I am not into the whole genre/clash idea (aka – Dance Dance Revolution meets Captain Hook), but I will probably buy a copy.

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