slight depression

i had sort of a depressed day today, and i am not really sure why. it very well could be because of how i felt yesterday, how terrifically high and energized i felt after successfully piloting the boate through what was an unbelievably challenging couple of hours. i guess i have lived through this kind of low before, walking off stage after having played a particularly good gig. it wears off rather quickly, and you want to go back to feeling that way. like you have truly proved yourself. like you are doing something right, albeit unconventionally. (i used to try to regain that emotional state with a bottle of bourbon, or laphroig, or a bunch of beer, but it just ends up making the following dip all the more deep and discomforting. to use the namesake of my previous post as an example…well, the boozing didn’t work out so well for hemingway, did it). my friend jee wrote to me that i’ve been having a long streak of good vibes, and everyone has days like this. i definitely agree. tomorrow is another day. looking at this image from the weekend, i realize that i’ve got it really sweet. i’m not complaining at all. just….a spell of the doldrums after an exciting weekend, i guess.






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  1. bret Avatar

    nice pict.

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