i was in bed…

…about to fall asleep, when something occurred to me. i had an excellent conversation this evening with someone i just met, and the topic of bacon came up a number of times. the person i was chatting with posited the notion that the word “bacon” is nearly always humorous. i, of course concurred, as most any reasonable person would.
in the hazy realm of absurdity that inhabits the state between awake and asleep, i came to a hitherto unrealized conclusion: that by preceding the bacon with the word back, one creates an synergistically funnier word: back bacon. it just sounds more…naughty. and canadian at the same time.






4 responses to “i was in bed…”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    this entry is definitely true to the spirit of your blog title

  2. eric Avatar

    very, very true.

  3. senor porker Avatar
    senor porker

    Whaaaaaaaat?!! the hell are you talking about?
    Baby Back Bacon

  4. eric Avatar

    fuck!!! i’ve been trumped on me own site!!

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