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i am messing around with a bunch of new toys right now. i got the usb cable for my gps unit yesterday, i hooked up google’s new audio blogging deal (i set it up so i can call a number and the audio files post on my site), and a blogging friend hooked me up with a google mail account. (i am not being rude by not linking her, just that she is on hiatus momentarily).

the terrabrowser app that i am trying out is sick. i uploaded the waypoints from the gps into my computer, and then the app queries the terraserver and places satellite images and topographical maps, or mapquest behind the locations. i suppose the scary thing is that this tech is available to the military real time and much more detailed. i am foregoing putting an image of my apartment up here, but here’s where the boate lives:
(by the way, there is another level of magnification available to these images, double this shown, to give you an idea of how up close and personal this can get).

crap now i gotta stop fucking around. i need to get ads into the guardian and the weekly today.







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  1. b Avatar

    ha`ller, what GPS software are you using? I was using GPSy on OS 9, but haven’t invested in an OS X version yet. I need something to make it easy to take the tracks off of my GPS and overlay them on a topo or aerial photo.

    Here’s our place in Little River – you can practically see individual trees. http://homepage.mac.com/mboswell/LRmap/lrmap-aerial.html

  2. jason Avatar

    i have had gmail for about a month now, great service… try inviting yourself so you can hook up multiple accounts with multiple invites and then sell it on ebay… its a growth industry

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