my personal relationship with the moon

i am wondering tonight about my relationship with the moon. see, i have a lot of newfound data-awareness about celestial events, what with my current obsession with being a mariner. i have a watch that measures the rough relation between myself and the moon’s pull. i have a handheld that measures this relationship much more precisely and accurately. i feel restless tonight. sort of like, if i were a house cat i would be ripping the shit out of the couch right now, no matter how much water you threw at me.
so instead, i am awake at 4:30 a.m., typing. i cannot help but wonder if the moon is somehow partially responsible for this feeling. i am also wondering if it will go away at 8:10 a.m., the exact time of moonset.

i also cannot help but speculate whether the involvement of venus on tuesday is going to heighten this overall sense of couch-in-need-of-clawing. it certainly will heighten my superstition of there being a lot more sexual energy in the air than usual. i sort of wish that i could fly to tahiti and re-enact cooks observations of the transit. actually, i sort of wish that i could just get on a plane and go relive gauguin’s life there.

just looked down at my hands to check for signs of lycanthropy. nope. just some dude sitting in front of a computer with insomnia. the closest i’m getting to werewolf tonight is the stubble on my face and head.






5 responses to “my personal relationship with the moon”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    You probably just took too many vitamins.
    And I am now your official blog heckler. 😉

  2. Ru Avatar

    howling crazy everyones horny, war is on
    the white house laughs and toasts.

    maybe it’s a coincidence, bt i was actually…no lie…
    sleeping at 4:30am. isn’t that weird and uncanny.

  3. eric Avatar

    everyone needs an official blog heckler or two. i get the impression from other people’s blogs that, in the absence of real human beings commenting on their posts, some fabricate or exhume their imaginary friends from childhood to begin heckling!

  4. bungin Avatar

    In your dreams, Circle King!

  5. gimaha Avatar

    Another great link! Thanks.

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