spreadsheets, main sheets, and clean sheets

i got over to the gallery at noon today and didn’t leave until the last train out of the city was about to depart at 12:26. i am really tired right now, i think i’ll go sleep on the couch, as my bed is covered with clean laundry.
i spent the lion’s share of the day working my way to the bottom of a massive stack of papers. and staring at spreadsheets.
jondi came in the office during qoöl, and we discussed a future business plan. we even dropped a rough hewn sketch of it into a spreadsheet. this is a plan for 5 or 10 years in the future, and involves oceanography, pirates, and treasure. and of course, ocean-going vessels. i’ll have to leave it at that, but suffice it to say that when i arrived home there was an email waiting for me, and i have been excitedly clicking on a short list of links that jondi sent when he got home.
ok that’s enough computer for one day. i must sleep. i could go on about a certain someone who has been poaching phrases off my friendster profile, being lauded by the lassies for them, and in the process making me an unwitting and somewhat unwilling cyrano de bergerac figure. oh wait, it appears i just did “go on”. ok that’s enough, i’m running on vapors and unfiltered cranberry juice. the land of nod beckons.






2 responses to “spreadsheets, main sheets, and clean sheets”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    I can’t believe you blogged about our top secret project! I’m going to have to research 18th century naval punishments for the loose-lipped, I think some tongue shortening or lip-sewing might be in order.

  2. eric Avatar

    hahaha! i’ve merely hinted at the existence of our top-secret project. after all, what fun is a top-secret project if you can’t tell people you are “not at liberty to discuss it”!!

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