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playing rock guitar is something of a physical challenge. i am gradually building myself back to the point where i can play things that were second nature three or four years ago, when i pretty much went on hiatus. before then, i played probably four or more hours a day. today, i blew off heading to the city, and played about three hours. i was sweating at the end of each hour-long session. it’s building my forearms back up as well, so that the sea pathfinder won’t look so fucking huge.
i am regaining momentum.






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  1. Alberto Hernandez Avatar
    Alberto Hernandez

    Face it dude, the Sea Pathfinder will always look massive…

  2. Ru Avatar

    baby steps. it always hurts at first. ask madonna.
    just think of how big the seapathfinder(tm) would have been in 1986. maybe apple will make an imariner.

    if you ain’t a metalhead, you might as well be…

  3. Chris Avatar

    Take it easy – you need to build up in 45 minute sets. Play for 45 mins have a rest and then another 45 mins. [Beware – you won’t feel strains in your fingers until it’s too late – there’ seems to be no early warning signs (like in your legs or arms when doing training when they start to ache)and the next thing you’ll know is that you can’t play for a week.] Take it easy and build up. Anyway playing well is more about technique than strength, so check out your fretting position – end if the fingers not the prints, the guitar action – check for standard settings, your hand position, thumb position – if you continually hook your thumb over the neck (a la blues bending) your missing out on some hand relief from putting your thumb it into the back of the neck for a while. Think – pressing thumb-tack into the centre stripe of the neck and keep about half your palm in view when you look down through the strings/fretboad. When sitting you should also see the neck about over your knee if your positioning is standard. You’ll hold yourself back if you try to buck standard techniques.

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