everyone else is doing it….

…why can’t we?

(listening to: “bad brain” the ramones. i kinda like the blogs where the “listening to:” field shows up. anybody know where i can get a plug to ping itunes from MT? mebbe i’ll look into it later. bad, bad brain).






2 responses to “everyone else is doing it….”

  1. kkk took my baby away Avatar
    kkk took my baby away

    if there is a profit motive, it’s human nature to start lying.

  2. eric Avatar

    yeah. the funny thing here to me is that they need to be told to stop lying, i.e. they see no damage to their credibility arising from the fallacious statements in the first place. as in, people are so uninformed that they will believe that a massive ball of partially hydrogenated crap in the gullet may somehow be a healthier alternative to eating something else. definitely beats broken glass and lead paint chips, i guess.

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