man overboard – FOR REAL!!!

an excellent day out there. alberto and i took one of my guitars out with us and strummed and sang a sea shanty or two over in paradise cove, then headed up through rack’s crack and over to the golden gate before heading home at sunset. pulling into the slip, i heard a loud splash from the bow of the boate. seems that alberto misjudged the distance between the deck and the dock, and wound up in the drink! the only bright side of the whole incident for alberto was the fact that my camera was out of batteries. heh. more photos.

max speed 8.2kt/h avg 3.5kt/h 23.37 nm in 6h 41m







4 responses to “man overboard – FOR REAL!!!”

  1. Alberto Hernandez Avatar
    Alberto Hernandez

    Lies, it’s all lies!! Now — does anyone know how to dry a p-coat quickly, mine’s kinda soggy…

  2. Mr Ken Avatar
    Mr Ken

    RE: Man overboard. Funny how the caption on one of the photos is “alberto contemplates how cool it would be to go swimming.” Looks like he got his wish.

  3. bret Avatar

    as long as you are in there you may want one of these:

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