cherries and bombs

late night snacking. cherries are so good. with some unfiltered, unsweetened cranberry juice. i set the timer on my watch to countdown the minutes on the clothes dryer tonight, then came upstairs and started some single-player pandora tomorrow gaming. i was sneaking around this corner, when all of a sudden a proximity mine starts beeping, i panic and feel a major rush of adrenaline as i try to beat a hasty retreat to the shadows. it takes me about ten full seconds to realize that the beeping was not in fact a prox mine, but the ten second tacking countdown timer on my watch. boy did i feel like a dumbass. luckily, no one was here to see it.






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    OK….What is it that I don’t get here? You’re glad that you weren’t seen so that you can tell the world about it on your blog?
    What is this Pandora thing of which you so frequently speak? If hope is good, why is it in the jar of evils? Are you fighting evil?
    By the way…..
    Do you remember if that is Duffy Hambleton riding the bike in THX? I remember that the rider of one of those bikes took an horrific fall…….If it is, he just testified in the Robert Blake trial.
    Seems Bobby thought that he was a man for hire. Memory Lane is just full surprises!

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