important information

it is 1.64 nautical miles from my apartment to the boate, as the crow flies.
i travelled 2.55 knots in the truck on the way home.
i drove the truck at an average of 13 knots/hour on the way from the boate to my apartment.
i attained a maximum speed of 41.1 knots/hour on the way from the boate to my apartment.

there are all sorts of other bits of data that are going to be coming out of this device in the days to come. you can click on any of the tidal measuring stations and pull up a tide chart, along with the height. (there is an east station and a west station for angel island, as an example of the amount of detailed information now at my fingertips). sunset, sunrise, moonrise, moonset…these are celestial events that i can access.

ok now i gotta figure out why the watch is still not synchronizing with the tides.






2 responses to “important information”

  1. phil Avatar

    very hooked up. can you wear it around your neck, always?

  2. eric Avatar

    yes, it comes with a lanyard.

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