tracking….my new tracking device

i was just on the u.p.s. site tracking delivery of my new gps unit for the boate, and realized it was “a little ironic” as alanis might say.
in other news…set up this site, the boate, and minna as rss feeds for my yahoo…(actually, for those in the know, i set up MT to ping ping-o-matics new xml-rpc meta-pinger). you can add rss content to yer my yahoo, and do a search for these guys, if you are too set in your ways to get an aggregator.
the big big news is that white peaches, cherries, papayas, mangoes, nectarines, apricots….well, they all are in season, and i am doing my best to eat all of them before they rot on my counter. SO PURELY TASTEFUL!!!






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  1. Cara Fletcher Avatar

    I have bought a similar GPS tracking device and it works great.

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