hahahahah….wait that’s not so funny

ran into this on my health-related feeds. “necktie condom” ok, now that is funny. do we really believe that ties would project the same amount of professionalism sheathed in latex?
would doctors complain about “diminished sensations of professionalism and patient confidence”?
just take the fucking thing off. they look stupid anyhow. and everyone knows that the mont blanc is the true phallic status surrogate of the medical profession. the power to write illegible prescriptions….






4 responses to “hahahahah….wait that’s not so funny”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    I thought the link was interesting. The synaptic connections that you made with condoms and fountain pens was just a little too weird. Maybe too much sun and water for you. Try terra firma, a lime in the coconut, and take that thing off the blog.

  2. eric Avatar

    read the article mom…i’m not making this stuff up, there was the actual suggestion of a tie-condom in there.

  3. gimaha Avatar

    ok,ok, “covering” would have been a better choice of words in the original article. I’m glad my doctor wears turtlenecks.
    Also happy to see that you’re getting a gps.

  4. eric Avatar

    whew. i was becoming concerned i was going to have to take you to task for your reading comprehension and retention. now that would have been embarassing.

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