too much coffee.

i believe i may have misunderstood (deliberately misconstrued) the latest study on coffee/caffeine, which found something to the effect that small doses administered throughout the day are better than one large dose in the morning. this morning, i made a large pot of trader joe’s sumatra lintong. the coffee is so rich and tasty, that i proceeded to drink cup after cup, all day. although i did indeed feel very alert and at times felt my mental acuity honed to a fine edge, most of the day i was sort of clutching at my gut and feeling slightly gnarly. this feeling may not be entirely attributable to the coffee however.
i had lunch at juan’s with eiming, and i scarfed down an enchilada and a relleno. at the time i ordered, i knew that i was going to be consuming (i.e. shoveling down) quite a bit more queso than i normally eat. and that it was likely to have undesirable effects on my already coffee-irritated stomach.
having said all of this, i am excitedly looking forward to making a cup of coffee in the morning. does anyone remember that beavis and butthead episode where they kept feeding beavis coffee at the open-mike poetry slam? and then he would run out of steam and sort of look absently off into space and become highly irritable and mumble incoherently about needing “crappaccino for my bunghole” until they poured him another cup? yeah, well i feel a bit like that right now.
and yes, i do spend quite a bit of time thinking about things other than these egotistical solipsistic rants. why am i mentioning this? because right now i am moody, irritable and defensive. which arrives back at my original thesis, which is i drank too much coffee today. and caffeine hangovers suck ass.






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  1. Spray Avatar

    hmmm, a pot of coffee and Juans.

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