inexplicably good

wow. this is incredibly good spin: it’s the iranians’ fault!! we have been paying chalabi to deceive us…this leaves me speechless. the fall guy for the iraqi invasion is…ONE OF THE EVIL AXES!! they’re the ones who misled our god-fearing-but-susceptible-to-islamic-chicanery-and-treachery leaders into believing there were weapons of mass destruction.
holy crap. these guys are good. whoever “these guys” are. where is the shah’s son? i hope he’s whispering in cheney’s ear about the desperate need to go into iran and restore the throne.






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    According to your Aunt Brooke, Chalabi bilked the Jordanians out of millions in some high level flim-flam scheme. He escaped from Jordan in the trunk of a car, and he is still on a Jordanian “Most Wanted” list. She thinks King Abdullah’s visit to W last week may have set the recent wheels spinning. She has been crying, “Don’t trust Chalabi” for more than a year now. Most of the Iraqi blogs have echoed her opinion of him. What amazes me more than the turn-about on him, is the fact that he has been able to get as far as he has and has bilked our government in the process. Or do you think he was set up as the fall guy all along?

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