microsoft fuckers

so along with the new xbox live system update that interrupted a quality online gaming session of pandora tomorrow at approximately 2:15 a.m. a couple days ago, there was a new “game pack” release for project gotham 2. new tracks and new cars. paris. and a porsche speedster (my dad had one for years, so i was obliged to download). now here’s the *fuckers* part….that’ll be $5 please. and here’s the really lame thing: if i remember the dialog on the forums correctly, the content is already on the game disc, and all that you are downloading is the key to unlock it. i am not sure of this accusation, because i am remembering this conspiracy-theory through the fog of “too much information running through my brain”.
i am actually not sure why i regard this as a fucked thing to do. i just remember when they tried to do the paid download thing with mech assault, and i was fairly indignant. i guess what it boils down to, is that i am pissed that they have made it so easy for me to make an impulse buy on expansion maps (they already have my credit card), and I AM EXACTLY THE KIND OF SUCKER THEY ARE MARKETING THIS SHIT TO. because i clicked yes without batting an eye. and i hosted a server filled with other eager suckers like me. and all eight people on the server had a good laugh when this was pointed out.
oh well, i guess it’s not that big of a deal. and, i suppose i better get used to it, because this is going to happen again, and then again and again some more. and the real reason that i resent it is because hell has indeed frozen over, and i have become a vassal of bill gates, after all these years of fealty to steve jobs.






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