sweet day

the wind was blowing pretty good when we headed out of the marina today, with emily, alberto, phil and i aboard. we actually spent a fair amount of time discussing what our strategy would be to reef in the main, in the interest of being a well-prepared crew. as it was, the breeze tapered off somewhat as the afternoon progressed. we made ripping good time sailing over to angel island, but as we reached the entrance to raccoon straits, the wind seemed to be shifting quite a bit, and some of the crew had places to be, so we aborted our course around windward of angel island. phil was being camera shy, so one of his favorite vessels, the hornblower, graciously consented to fill in (pun intended) for the photo collage below…and of course, the obligatory wearing-of-steen’s-captain-hat-in-absentia-to-make-him-sort-of-jealous duties were performed by new swabby emily:






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