variable winds and weather

it was an unpredictable day out on the boate today. i picked up jee and steen from the bart, and there was nary a breeze. there was much consternation expressed concerning the apparent lack of wind. i pointed to the top of the nearest tree, which was gently moving with a wee puff of breeze. as we approached the marina, the flags were waving around quite energetically. we headed south out of the marina, through the gap at the end of the existing berkeley pier. the wind picked up, although it was gusty and changing directions pretty rapidly. we sailed through about 10 of the microclimates that the bay area is famous for on our way to leeward of treasure island, under the bay bridge, and towards the city. we put our jackets on, and took them off again, probably 5 or 6 times. as we neared the city, we were talking about the feasibility of cruising the boate to hawaii. this story came up as a topic of discussion. then, the wind became a bit too strong, and the swells had picked up. it was time to head home. after, of course, a visit to juan’s.

the building of the new bay bridge span is a pretty awesome undertaking, and all the cranes and pylons and barges and whatnot provided a very massive-scale scenic back drop to our thoroughly enjoyable day. oh, and get a good look at steen’s hat, because now it swims with the fishes. UPDATE: more pix here.






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