games good and bad

i got home from the gallery a while ago, and rather than go kick back on the couch and play pandora tomorrow, a truly fun game (ok, basically it’s a first person shooter with a bunch of different gadgets and sensors and mines, and 2 different classes of character, but hell, right now it’s fresh, new and exciting)…ok don’t ask me why, but i sat down here and fired up “second life”. man, that thing is soooooooo boring and dumb. and the graphics are choppy as hell on this machine, even with the purely ripping nvidia geforce 4 mx card in it. i don’t know, i suppose i am not giving it a chance, but i have a pretty open mind, and i don’t have that bad a case of a.d.d. and in general i love rpg’s. this one just bores the fucking crap out of me.
i think it was because i was reading some article on macroeconomics in mmorpgs recently, and all of a sudden felt like maybe i was missing out on an opportunity to jump in there and become a virtual joseph stiglitz or brad delong, so i opened up the app and wooooo hoooooo! there was my avatar, DylanThomas Bukowski, with his dancing maniac bracelet that executes a script that causes him to do cartwheels and other stupid raver moves. hmmmm this is probably not making any sense to someone not familiar with it, so i’m going to can it now. suffice it to say, i am underwhelmed by second life.
oh….but pandora tomorrow, although lacking in substance and with a plotline that is somewhat spooky in that tom-clancy-is-kind-of-repugnant-but-i-have-found-myself-playing-every-single-one-of-his-games-in-the-last-four-or-five-years-(or-maybe-more) kind of way, is a fucking rocking hoot of a game. so imma go play me some.






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  1. JD Avatar

    Glad to hear that “Second Life” game sucks … that’s the name of my script!

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