luscious varnish

these fumes must be getting to me. because i am really very excited about the whole process of varnishing and refinishing the brightwork on the boate. maybe because i haven’t done this before; the fresh excitement of the new. i feel a bit like my dad….there was always some motorcycle or car being worked on around the house. and by the house, i mean IN the house. as in, i can remember painted motorcycle parts hanging from the ceiling of our living room like this. i’m off to the marina to paint the ceiling of the cabin royal navy blue. UPDATE: i cannot decide which is my favorite…varnish or tung oil. i think maybe tung oil. is this blog becoming somewhat pedestrian and inane? yes. if you want something serious and thought-provoking, like a neocolonial quagmire where people are currently getting their heads sawn off with swords as retribution for the occupiers’ standard behaviors of rape, murder, and pillage, go check out the news.






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    It does harken back to the old Flying Squirrel hanging from the ceiling in Coldwater Canyon.

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