basic human kindness

who was it that said (why am i thinking it might have been the marquis de sade, when i am sure it was not) that to believe in the basic goodness of human nature is to allow yourself to despise all people for their failure to act in concert with their nature?
sometimes, when i read the news, i start wondering if i feel this way.






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  1. Jason Levin Avatar
    Jason Levin

    Dear Eric,
    I am actually a former student of your mother’s and i was talking to her today about the marquis de sade… kind of funny, i thought.

  2. eric Avatar

    that is kinda funny. were you discussing her teaching methods when de sade was mentioned? hehe.

  3. Jason Levin Avatar
    Jason Levin

    Actually i was discussing a play by Peter Weiss that i had read called, and get ready for this… “The Persecution and Assasination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade” It’s a very good play (plug) if you’re interested.

  4. gimaha Avatar

    I’m glad that I am being remembered under an entry titled “Basic Human Kindness”
    Oh brave new world of bloggers! How you diminish the degrees of separation.
    By the way, I liked that link on tung oil.

  5. eric Avatar

    glad you liked it, mom. good to see you enjoying your new ‘puter.

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