my new watch is making me tired

i’m pretty tired. i never wear watches. but bret convinced me i had to get the sea pathfinder. i have spent the last several hours trying to figure out why my new watch does not seem to be synchronizing with the tide tables that i have. i had to calculate the lunitidal interval for the berkeley marina, but i’m not sure if it needs to be in local time or greenwich mean time. and i think there are some discrepancies between the tide charts i am looking at online. well, the compass works tastefully, the barometer is working well, and the moon phase seems to be working. the thermometer is somewhat affected by the fact that it’s so close to something hot (me). that’s it. i’m snoozing.






7 responses to “my new watch is making me tired”

  1. bret Avatar

    seems like you think it sucks because you didn’t say how great it was. figure out the tide and send it to me.

  2. bret Avatar

    You can’t see grey posts on a green background on a powerbook. It is like calibrating or something. I like the green. Grey text doesn’t work.

  3. rowdy libido Avatar

    hahahaha. i didn’t say that i didn’t like it. your plan is not working yet. changed the color.

  4. phil Avatar

    you need a gps.

  5. eric h Avatar

    yeah, yer right. that’s next on the list of consumer electronic purchases.

  6. phil Avatar

    Buys Ballot’s Law: In the Northern Hemisphere, If you stand with your back to the wind the low pressure will be on your left.

  7. Alberto Hernandez Avatar
    Alberto Hernandez

    You want a cool watch, check this thing out… I love TAG…

    and for a more detailed version:

    fucking amazing…

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