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spent the whole day on the boate painting and sanding yesterday. at sunset i headed over to the gallery for krishna and big dave’s birthday. gary’s band hot mute were playing. i’ve seen them a few times before, and they are really getting good and tight. purely rocking.
after their set, gary and i were talking. he’d heard from big dave that we’ve been talking about doing some kind of…well i hesitate to call it a label, just because i do not want to think along those lines at the inception. in any case, the idea in its nebulous, unstructured kernel state is exciting to people and spreading.
saw doze last night, the juxtapoz show is down and gabe and doze and company are at work getting ready for the opening on thursday. it should as always, be a madhouse. last year, i remember being on a ladder with steen during the opening, nailing a canvas the size of this apartment building to the wall. i hope things go more smoothly this year.
jud posted over on the boate under his porn pseudonym, randy libido. i replied to his comment using my nom de porne, rowdy libido. now that name is stuck in my cookies for posting on this site. i think i’m going to leave it that way. you can rest assured that i will quickly change into nothing more than a silk bathrobe for such commenting. at most, a plumber’s uniform and toolbelt.
ok, i’ve got to get to work on the payroll, call the welder, etc.






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